Conference topic

Soil forming processes such as weathering, formation of secondary minerals and aggregation control the stability of soil organic matter and of synthetic organic substances in soils. Soil forming processes are involved into the formation of organo-mineral associations, occlusion of organic matter, fixation of biomolecules or the formation of bound residues.

On the other hand, the accumulation of organic matter contributes to soil formation and affects other soil forming processes like aggregation or the formation of minerals. Thus, interactions between soil formation and the stabilisation of organic substances being in the centre of our workshop are of high relevance for resulting soil properties as well as for the fate of pedogenic matter and synthetic organic molecules in soils. Soil organisms affect these interactions as they transform and decompose organic matter and influence other soil forming processes (aggregation, weathering).

The workshop is being organised by the commissions II, III and VII of the German Soil Science Society and the German Society of Chemistry. We will focus on the link between recent methodological innovations from physics and chemistry and new concepts and results from soil chemical, soil biological and mineralogical research. We hope that concepts on the mechanisms of organic matter stabilisation will inspire the research concerning the formation of soil bound residues and vice versa.

Invited talks of designated experts in the regarding fields of knowledge will highlight the state of the art. In addition we are looking forward to your contributions concerning the co-evolution of soils and organic matter.